Tell Me About… Airborne Kingdom – City Builder in the Sky!

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Airborne Kingdom is a unique city builder and exploration game. Here’s all the gameplay features you can expect as the Airborne Kingdom travels and restores forgotten Kingdoms.
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31 thoughts on “Tell Me About… Airborne Kingdom – City Builder in the Sky!”

  1. I think it's a cool idea but making it a story game surely limits you to doing the story to progress? Won't lie skipped bits sooo like if there was a free mode and you could fight other empires in the sky 👀

  2. Feel like it needs more frostpunk. I understand the game is supposed to be relaxing, but the fact your economy can be going fine with half of your workers doing nothing is a little absurd

  3. I've been about three-quarters convinced about this game since I first saw it announced maybe two years ago. I'm down with the look and appreciate the music, but the gameplay just doesn't quite seem to match the ambition of the concept. As you mentioned in another comment, for $5, and when it comes to Steam, I might consider picking it up. But with so many good games out there, it's hard to make the time for all the titles that aren't on one's top tier list. Regardless, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game Darren, you're a good guy!

  4. 1. The music is amazing. 2. The game is still being developed. 3. The wonders are super strong. 4. Build storage close to the hangars so things are stored faster.

  5. I watched somebody says that the game reminded them of the movie Laputa castle in the sky…
    Yea, add a massive Weapon of mass destruction to your kingdom, and then you got yourself a Laputa.

  6. Kind of reminds me of this game I used to play as a kid, it was third person and you built turrets and structures on flying islands, defending against enemy biplanes etc. Very steampunky.
    Anyone know what I mean? I can't find it anywhere and don't remember the name, no one even seems to know of it.


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