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This is actually episode 9a. In episode 9 there was 45 minutes of me methodically deleting pieces of pathway then complaining the the city hall is an odd number of spaces wide while everything else is an even number, thus rendering symmetry a right hassle. That episode bit the dust, so you have this one instead. I think we all won here. Airborne Kingdom episode 9, for your viewing “pleasure”.

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(*) – Today’s secret: I actually have the whole of the original episode 9 saved, including a different take on the outro which was a lot more argumentative. I didn’t like it though, so it was dumped in favour of this one.


29 thoughts on “The City, Rebuilt | Airborne Kingdom episode 9”

  1. Platform exclusivity is the way of things. With epic, origin, steam, etc are at least free to access them, as opposed to consoles which are a couple hundred quid buy-in.

    I'll take a couple of stores on my PC any day of the week.

  2. Your argument is aligns with mine guv. Some people just don't understand business or perhaps its because its the latest bandwagon to jump on "oh I've got to wait a year to play the game I desperately need in my life " Ok fine see ya …. And thereby robbing a small indie dev team of much needed extra revenue to, well you know err, continue making games perchance. You've had my 17p an dinna spend all at once me laddo. So difficult to find a casual game like this one these days to play with seemingly every game the same old ego boost format of death and destruction….. tucs me it up does .

  3. Just seen your launcher/company breakdown. Nice to see you are being clearly honest. BTW GOG Galaxy does integrate with Epic and possibly steam, for a universal launcher
    Steam has the monopoly: Yes, they don't need to try, Devs get little share
    Epic: Has money, will buy games to increase their market share, this will decrease as their market share increases, developers get more money.
    GOG: More ethical from what information I have, DRM free games. Galaxy launcher can import from other services. Don't know their share for devs
    GreenManGaming: Love these guys, don't have a store but you mentioned it, worked with them many years back and would support where I could.
    Humble Bundle: Worth keeping an eye on, many charitable causes

  4. "Special prize" = satisfaction of yelling "first" before anyone else..
    Yep… launchers have been around for ages. I have a Bigfish Games launcher and used to have a couple of othe before thatr. I have, probably 30 games on Steam now and over 350 on Bigfish… plus Sims on Origin. It's the game company way now.
    It used to be we went to a store to buy a game… I still have every disc game I've ever bought… including one on a 5.25" floppy, You're right… it doesn't wrok on any modern machine, but it's fun to have as gone history. I have lots of games on CDs and they all still work. I've lost games on game siites because the place closed down. You never lose a game on CD… unless you physically lose the disc.. LOL But it's not easy to buy games on disc anymore and I do enjoy playing games… so I conceded long ago and buy games the way I can get them. Do I care if i have another launcher… not really. However, seccure buying is a "thing" for me so I'm careful who I let have my info.

  5. 35:54 I'd throw PC gaming unifying on Windows onto the list, too.

    Also, I'm of the opinion of letting Youtubers suffer in their errors when playing games because it's more fun for the audience, but I'll give you the only piece of advice I wish I'd had sooner on Airborne Kingdom: You can build additional labs to speed up research. 64-hour research projects aren't worth it.

    PS Edit: The "lack of shopping cart" thing is a legitimate complaint for some, since you're unable to buy more than one game per transaction. Depending on where you live in the world, "multiple online transactions in quick succession on the same card/account" is a guaranteed red flag. Of course, that doesn't apply to most of the people complaining.

  6. Build 3-4 more charcoal huts and upgrade them. That solves the wood issue as it is also the reason why you get 4 wood per every hour. To turn that into charcoal. When you go to next area ideally you are creating more coal than you consume.

  7. I don't like EGS.
    Although that's more down to Epic taking things further down a path that I've always been opposed to, the explanation of which would be a long and boring paragraph that rambles on about 20+ years of game industry (no one wants to read that any more than I want to type it out).
    Which, I mean, it's not unique to EGS, pretty much every launcher/storefront is somewhere on that path, so none are immune to the grumbles. Though EGS is right near the top of the list, second only to EA (which is personal).
    But, all that beef aside, I still bought Airborne Kingdom and Snow Runner on EGS, because you can hardly fault the developers for taking the best deal deal available to them.
    I'll probably by Hitman 3 before the month is out, too.

  8. once upon a time, there was X-fire, it was amazing, and wonderfull, then it all got outdated, so i moved on, now i'm here watching the Colonel .. keep it up, loving the show.

  9. Liking the new looks of the city there Cnl. Would it help if you move the oars more to the back with the happiness of your floaty people? Or is it looks over function for you at the moment?

  10. What happens when the launch platform vanishes? How many of your games will no longer work properly (or at all)? I didn't think all games can be played without connecting through the launch platform.

    If that is true, then the more game launchers you have, the greater chance one (or more) will vanish – along with your access to their games. If the platform vanishes, so do the licences. And if your game has exclusivity with the disappearing platform, then your game ceases to exist until you can get someone else to take it up (if you can). (CAVEAT: Unless I'm very much mistaken!)

    I'll stick with just Steam thanks (and the annoying Origin for EA games). I don't own/play many games anyway…

  11. 35:40 Oh that was the exact thing with me but with FM08 when they forced you to download this new client in order to play it.
    Fast forward, as I bet you will say next (haven't yet watched it), now we all buy digitally and play on steam haha.

  12. Now I said you recently did your best ever outro on some other video, I think this has surpassed it.
    To bring up on your points:
    1. Always have a balanced view (I watch everything, on all things – politics, games, culture, history etc – love it)
    2. EPIC, the reason I don't like it is due to the fact I can't work it, my problem not theirs.
    3. I happy to wait until the exclusivity is over and it goes to something more accessible (such as steam).
    4. But all the power to EPIC for building a platform for the developers. Good on them.
    5. However, this does not stop me (re: point 2) letting others know of it and your code. I think I made you at least 34p so far. The third one, is on the fence about buying it but he's just stingy.

    Long comment is long. No doubt.


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