The Final Frontier (part 1) | Airborne Kingdom episode 13

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The final part in our aerial odyssey is actually 2 parts of near equal length (if by “near equal” you understand that part 2 is twice as long). Yes, I opted to finish the game, because the game is worth it. The flying city of Urrgmelonflex is finishing off chores and finding the various gubbins required to make wondrous wonders in Airborne Kingdom.

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(*) – Today’s secret: What I anticipated to take a couple of hours which would edit down into something succinct and thrilling. What I experienced too a bunch of hours and edited down into a whole load of video…


19 thoughts on “The Final Frontier (part 1) | Airborne Kingdom episode 13”

  1. "I always liked the first part of the last episode of any endless epilogue series. Of course the second part of the last episode of any endless epilogue series is widely anticipated to be exciting as the third part of the last episode of any endless epilogue series will be. And if one would think the fourth part of the last episode of any endless epilogue series not would stand, he would be gravely mistaken."
    'Failure' review by Muluab the Second Chronicler.

  2. I'll be sad to see this journey end, whenever that may be. I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to the many and varied accents of Muluab. He's been French, he's been Irish, he's occasionally been vaguely Arabian. Today we got the accent to top them all though: Borat's long lost brother.

  3. It looks to me that Urrgmellonflex is so long that its hull is bending to match the curvature of the surface. So I'm guessing that extra episode one is 'Coulds and Beats' and extra episode two is the sad story of the hemp weaver who goes on a murderous rampage after never getting to work with hemp – just cotton.

  4. I wish I'd asked before, because it feels like the sort of thing that the Colonel would give a try – what happens if instead of moving the farms forward into space added on the end of Urgmelonflex, one chops right through and scarfs a bit into the middle, like? I mean, you'd need oars on both parts, and a skillful bit of boat handling, but it might just work? Or one bit might plummet earthwards. Best try it out in an unpopulated area.


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