The Final Frontier (part 2) | Airborne Kingdom episode 14

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It’s the end of the line! Urrgmelonflex accomplishes everything it sets out to do, we now just have to sit through Muluab’s final diatribe and will will at last ascend, achieve glory, stand on a pedestal or something, I wasn’t paying enough attention. Airborne Kingdom strolls into the end times.
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(*) – Today’s secret: You were expecting Volcanoids? Fair. I did say that’s what today’s video would be, except that it isn’t. It’s Airborne Kingdom, because I needed to get it finished.


39 thoughts on “The Final Frontier (part 2) | Airborne Kingdom episode 14”

  1. TIP: the orrery and library and garden of thingy – 1x part each in each of the 3 areas (desert, mountain + wet) – just have to search the area you've not found the part for (hope that makes sense) 😛

  2. Always meant to comment on the people not liking being near the fans: a jet engine turbine is basically a fan, and I couldn't sleep by one! (Well, OK, it's a fan and a motor, and apparently the loud sound is actually the exhaust noise!)

    Until you mentioned it, never thought much about it, but yeah, a gust of wind capsizing it and it's game over!

    If I ever play it, I'll try the UFO disk shape–or Borg cube instead of a flying ruler. (Still woulda stuck some sort of wings on it, though.) Liked the end design!

  3. What do you know, you finished it without crashing the thing. Maybe we'll see that in the extras and blooper episode?
    Well done on finishing the thing! it was a very pleasant journey, despite the nagging from the land dwellers.

  4. No Volcanoids today? That's okay. I'm good with this one.
    That was a really pleasant game to watch. I loved that there wasn't a bunch of fighting and warring and destruction.
    Did you notice the dedication at the end? Interesting (to me at any rate).

  5. They'll make an expansion, mark my words. it'll be another landmass with another, shorter thing to do, a new resource, and a couple of new buildings of minimal use. That's what the accountants at Epic will greenlight and why the Colonel is right is self-evident.

  6. But I thort Aunty Tique Whitty and her best saloon snug milk-stout gossip fiends Minnie Rette and Ena Quandry live on being able to rip apart old ruins and relics. 'Bull Doze 'Em!' is their favourite battle cry, as they ram-raid passing male-trains. 'Victory before Glory!' ;o)

  7. The ancients ascended to the stars leaving one unlucky bloke who drew the short stick to guide others to the ascention.
    Yet they didn't know about the vacuum of space. Their technology stopped working, they all died and their city has burned in the atmosphere. The only lucky survivor was that bloke in that ruin.


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