The Town is Growing.. slightly wonky | Airborne Kingdom part 2

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My Airborne Kingdom is growing nicely and I’ve no problems to speak of right now, but then we haven’t travelled very far yet. Quite happy to stay put and harvest everything I can get my hands on for now. This is an Airborne Kingdom gameplay series that’ll last as long as it needs to.

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33 thoughts on “The Town is Growing.. slightly wonky | Airborne Kingdom part 2”

  1. So if this series follows type, the Colonel's habit of building everything as fast as possible with no due care and attention ™ will lead him to want to rebuild his city. The question is: How do you rebuild a city that flies under it's own mechanical power?

  2. Hello there Colonel! Just purchased this title after watching your first video. Looking forward to playing it. I did use your creator code … I hope you receive adequate kickbacks as I would have likely never even been aware of this game were it not for your exhibition of it.

  3. Nice that colonel failure has a plan… [this will be a first ] And how will he be able to use the bulldozer without causeing any undue or detrimental unwanted tilt and how much tilt can you have before its a problem ?

  4. such an amazing game, if i didn't allready owned it i would gladly send 17 cents your way… i progressed a little further, but love it. wishing you the 20 million in the new. Greetings and best of wishes

  5. I know we're only 2 episodes in, but I'm really liking this series! It probably won't go more than 4 more episodes, but I still think it's fantastic, and I'll be getting this game here shortly!

  6. Build the non-existent train museum on the front colonel hehehe got to fix your issues

    To get the stuff you want to in this game you actually have to do the main quest which I guess makes sense

    But because you have to make allies they give you things

    I should know I played a little bit of it and a lot of YouTubers have played it

    And really as far as I'm concerned the only thing you need early game is wood and coal

    Your basics will make you survive in my opinion

    But you have to do the quest to get the schematic so you can research the schematics it's very confusing and they don't tell you that anywhere it'd be like oh you have to do this to do to get this unlocked it'd be nice if they just wrote that somewhere

  7. I suspect if the walkways cost no resources they also have negligible weight and no value as counterweights, but of course, worker access is a good thing. Though you made it sound like they install themselves in a job and don't move around. Do they move around? Do they go to housing blocks at night or something?


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